Alicante (Airport) Hong Kong/Nadi/Singapore Fiji/Hong Kong/Singapore
12 nights - From just €2,940

This fantastic package consists of flights departing from Alicante to arrive in Hong Kong the next day, where you will stay for 2 nights in a 4* Hotel in the city to explore the city's modern marvels and ancient wonders as temples and street markets intersect with ultra-sleek high rise buildings.

Jet off to Nadi, Fiji to have 9 nights set in Paradise in 4* Hotel, bed & breakfast basis. On these 9 nights you can simply sit back and relax and take in the typical Fijian ways, or you could explore with a bit of scuba diving, or even try surfing!

You will find some of the best snorkelling and diving in Fiji. The beautiful coral reef, a protected marine reserve, is just feet away from the sand. With a keen focus on the Fijian culture, and a strong connection with the local village, the islands offers what Fiji is all about, and you will meet some of the warmest, friendliest people anywhere in the world.

When your 8 nights are up on this dazzling island, the trip is not yet over! You´ll be jetting off to Singapore where you will have another 2 nights in 4* Hotel, which is more than enough time to take in its dazzling eastern metropolis with its futuristic skyline, suspended between technological innovation and ancient culture.

And finally make our way back to Alicante, to arrive on the next day.

*Can be put together for dates throughout the year.
*Prices subject to reconfirmation at time of booking.