Madrid (Airport) Maldives
10 nights - Adults from just €4,765


The paradisaical coral island of Maldives allows us to dive into its waters and discover a universe of coral reefs populated by the most beautiful and exotic fishes of the Indian Ocean. Here is where you will find the sands just as white as the smiles of the locals. The beaches are considered to be perhaps the best beaches in the world, alongside the luminous cyan blue water, here you can take full advantage of some of the best snorkelling and scuba diving as well as stunning sheltered lagoons.

Meanwhile, adventure lovers can also experience surfing, fishing, kayaking and more. There is no shortage of things to see or do on trips to the Maldives.

With the Maldives being made up of nearly 1100 islands and each one being consistently perfect its hard to not dream about this magical destination. It’s no wonder that honeymooners and those seeking a tropical break have long had the country at the very top of their wish lists.