Train Trips!

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We offer various different options when it comes to travel with trains, from a simple there and back train journey throughout Spain or even Europe, to Luxury tourist trains, again throughout Spain as well as other destinations like Africa, Russia, Mongolia and China and if you wish to go further afield there are also various routes throughout the USA and Canada.

There are various different routes for the Luxury Tourist Train available throughout Spain in both the North and South. The trips combine the cuisine on board with first class restaurants. The pleasure of travelling is also based on a careful balance between the train journey, the stay and the tours in the different stages en route. While the train is parked at the station, the traveller could choose to go on the scheduled tour, stay on board or go out on their own to enjoy the city where the train has stopped.

If you would like further information on any of the trips mentioned above please do not hesitate to enquiry within.