El Bono Viatge or…. Valencian Voucher Break

El Bono Viatge or…. Valencian Voucher Break


El Bono Viatge or…. Valencian Voucher Break
Posted By : Yvonne

Well, we are one of the first travel agencies to take part in the online training and information regarding the Valencian Voucher scheme.  And whilst the Administration are adamant that it will start on the 20th of October, there is still no actual physical way in which to register your interest online yet. 

Once registered and authenticated, the person will then have 7 days in which to make a booking.  If no booking is made, the voucher will be void and the allocated funds will go back into the ‘pot’.  Vouchers will be handed out on a first come, first served basis and once all has been taken, a waiting list will be in operation.

The rest of the information is pretty much the same as that which we advised before, with the interesting twist that the 600€ per booking is available to all registered persons, once in each period of booking.  So in theory, each booking will be subsidised up to 1800€, split into 3 x 600€ and only one voucher can be used in any booking period.

Bookings (once they can be made) must be for a minimum of two nights in any location, and for a maximum of Half-Board.  Other touristic services, excursions, transport etc, can also be included.

So, we wait with interest to see what the next steps are, and will keep you all posted of the same.