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Azamara Luxury Cruises


Azamara Luxury Cruises
Posted By : Yvonne

It´s been at least 6 years since I last viewed an Azamara ship, then in Cartagena, so I was delighted to get the chance to see the new, modernized version of the cruise line.   Owned by Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, this is their elite ship, a compromise between the modern luxury of Celebrity Cruises, but brought right down in size – capacity for just under 700 with another 300+ staff.  The ship has certainly been modernised since my last visit ‘Celebritified’ was the description given by the Sales Director that accompanied us around the ship.  It helps that it was a fabulous day, giving magnificent views from the outdoor Sunset Bar.

Inside the ship, the modern elegance is evident right from the entrance.  And it´s the little details that make this ship different and let´s face it, very desireable.  We watched, whilst waiting to board, the guests helping themselves to bottles of chilled bottled water at the entrance, helping to keep them cool in the 25+ degrees of Alicante heat – and it was only 10am!

Azamara Luxury Cruises do not follow regular cruise itineraries – you won’t find them repeating 7 nights around the Med.  Their´s is more of a progressive journey, Miami to Barcelona, Barcelona to Nice, and when not in the Med, the ships can be found making their way around the fjords, or Asia – they really do offer a very wide program of itineraries, considering there are only two of these ships!

Other advantages of Azamara – drinks are included.  Entertainment is included and in a selected port on the schedule, a special evening of entertainment will be arranged by your ship, for example, a dinner in an exclusive restaurant in the destination.  Another great advantage is due to the small size of the ship, most times they can overnight in your chosen destination, allowing you all the time you need to explore a city by night and all that it offers.

Prices for this type of cruise have become very realistic and achievable, much more so than in recent years, meaning that for those who are tired of the large ships and want something a little more exclusive, this is definitely a company to consider.  But don´t just take our word for it – look through the photos and see for yourself.

Information on itineraries and prices can be obtained by contacting any member of our sales team.